Marie-Louise originates from The Hague and resides in Amsterdam. She studied law at the University of Amsterdam. After her studies, Marie-Louise worked as a lawyer at Blenheim lawyers in Amsterdam for more than 10 years and headed the real estate section of Blenheim as a managing associate.

In 2024, Marie-Louise joined Dutch Advocaten as a partner. She is a lawyer and MfN registered mediator and runs a combined practice at Dutch Advocaten with a focus on (business) real estate mediation. She is involved in mediation in (real estate) disputes such as rental, purchase, project development, contracting of work and homeowners’ association, but also with other business disputes such as commercial contracts. Her clientele includes (private) tenants and landlords, (catering) entrepreneurs, real estate investors, developers, contractors, real estate agents and other professionals.

In her mediations, Marie-Louise combines her experience as a driven lawyer with her empathetic and positive character. Her empathy creates a safe and neutral environment, where parties feel free to talk and understand each other. Thanks to her experience as a lawyer, she knows how to quickly put the interests of the parties on the table. By asking the right questions, she helps parties gain better insight into what really divides them and she works with clients to find common interests. All this often leads to a successful and (cost) effective solution.

She is also a lawyer. She has extensive experience in advising and litigating on civil law issues relating to real estate, including:

    • Rental/letting, including lease termination, rental price changes, defects, substitution, renovation, subletting and drawing up and assessing rental contracts
    • Purchase/sale, including (hidden) defects, non-conformity and liability issues
    • VvE issues, including annulment of VvE decisions, permission requirements for extensions or construction, and amendments to the division deed
    • Liability of Real Estate Agents
    • Contracting work
    • Realtor rights, including easements
    • Neighborhood disputes

In addition, Marie-Louise has developed a passion for sailing, repeatedly qualifying for the World Sailing Championships. And last (but not leas), she has a love for the Caribbean islands. She is involved in a real estate project in Aruba and Curaçao. She has a mediation practice in both the Netherlands and the Caribbean, including Aruba and Curaçao.