Len Huard calls his first kickboxing match the scariest thing he’s ever done. He is now addicted to (kick) boxing and is on the board of the Dutch Boxing Association. “Boxing is part of who I am. It is a means of expressing myself. I’m not a dancer, but boxing is a lot like it.”

At the age of eighteen, Len Huard had his first kickboxing match. This has brought him a lot. “I walked to the boxing ring via a red carpet. There were a thousand people around, including acquaintances. You don’t want to go off, but I was nervous and I felt a lot of fear. I could barely speak. Moving was difficult. There I was against the opponent. I knew we would be pounding into each other with hundreds of kilos, with only a bit and a toque for protection: not a pleasant prospect. Still, I managed to control my emotions and overcome my fear. This victory over myself has given me a lot of confidence and strength. It’s the scariest thing I’ve ever done.”

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